J.S Bach – Badinerie

Taught by: David Herzhaft


Level :Advanced

Length 43 min

Included : Music notation and harmonica tabs

In this lesson David Herzhaft plays the famous Badinerie by J.S Bach a classical piece originally written for Flute. He explains how to adapt it to the diatonic harmonica and takes you slowly through the whole tune. Part 1 of the lesson breaks down the first half of the tune in small sections that he plays at a slow tempo. He discusses technical issues that arise along the way and finally play the full A section at a slow tempo for you to follow along. Part 2 of the lesson does the same for the second part of the tune. In Part 3 David Herzhaft discusses ornementations and embellishments.

Transcription from the Bach badinerie harmonica version by David Herzhaft a classical harmonica tune.

Requirements :

Harmonica in A

Know how to bend and overbend.